Eldorado Park, Long Beach, CA
Southern California offers some of the best skating in the country. We have miles upon miles of beach path from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach, Long Beach to Huntington Beach, as well as the Back Bay river trail in Irvine and lots more to name. And yes, we can skate year round too and we do.

We make our skate training home on a 1.72 mile loop through Area 3 in Eldorado Park in Long Beach, conveniently located off the 605 and 405 freeways, accessible through the Spring St Park entrance.

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We train every weekend at Eldorado with our main training session at 8:30 am on Saturdays during the Summer and 9:00 am during the Winter. Our training sessions consist of 2 warm laps, followed by 10 laps at race speed. The closed loop makes it great for skaters. You can drop off the pack when you like and rejoin when the pack when it comes around again. All are welcome to join. Parking at the park is $7 on the weekends.

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